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GLE Greenline Enclosures

Features & Benefits:

  • Double polished clear vinyl windows
  • Marine grade weatherproof fabric
  • Heavy duty nylon zippers – with double sided pulls
  • Durable rubber coated J Hooks
  • Removable Windshield
  • Quick Caddie storage system
  • EZ Store valuables pocket
  • Executive storage case

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Greenline golf cart enclosures by Eevelle are designed to provide protection from the elements and extend the playing season. The enclosure can be used year-round and is great for keeping out wind, rain, dust and more!

Keeping the enclosure closed at night will keep the seat and interior of the cart dry so you can just get in and go in the morning. 

New Features

Windshield Removal

For carts equipped with a windshield you may want to remove the front panel of the enclosure.

Simply unzip and detach.

Quick Caddie

Greenline enclosures feature a Quick Caddie external storage system. The ring can be used to hang a towel, brush, or putter!

EZ Store

Greenline enclosures also feature an EZ Store pocket which is a perfect place to put your phone, keys, or other items you don’t want in your pockets during play.

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